Feu de Bois 15 oz. Reed Diffuser by Lafco New York

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Feu de Bois 15 oz. Reed Diffuser by Lafco New York

Kick the snow off your boots and find a spot near the roaring fire. It crackles and spits as it settles down for its long, slow shift, but its smoky remains will continue to comfort long after its final embers have grayed.

Smoky frankincense blankets cozy notes of leather, sandalwood and pine.

Crafted with premium quality fragrances and delivered in a beautiful handblown art glass vessel with hand-cut reeds, Lafco New York's Feu de Bois, Ski House diffusers fill your home with luxurious fragrance.

Diffuser Information:
- Essential oil based fragrances deliver a natural and true scent
- Large, natural reeds allow for a robust and steady release of fragrance
- Highly concentrated fragrance oils are specially blended to continuously scent large spaces for up to a year

Diffusing Tips:
- Customize your fragrance experience by the number of reeds you use. Lafco New York suggest 8 reeds for average sized rooms, but you can use less or more depending on the size of your space and to adjust the desired fragrance strength.
- Lafco New York's handblown art glass diffuser vessels are designed to be refilled and reused.
Woody & Earthy
Natural Reeds
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