Espresso Bamboo Geneva Refillable Lighter by Social Light

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Espresso Bamboo Geneva Refillable Lighter by Social Light

Functional simplicity indoors and out. Sleek lines and design give the Geneva Collection a universal appeal. Decorative ring allows for easy storage and refueling. Solid bamboo handles come in three earth-friendly colors with Polished Chrome metal accents.

  • How to adjust the flame: Depending on the sytle of your lighter, twist or use leverage to remove the end cap. Increase the flame by turning the adjustment valve left (counter-clockwise). Decrease the flame by turning the adjustment valve right (clockwise).
  • How to ignite: Press and hold the safety button located to the right of the ignitor button. SLOWLY, GENTLY press the igniter button down until you hear a click and or a flame is produced. The safety button may be released at this point. NOTE: Especially in colder climates, the lighter may require being warmed in your hands for 2 minutes before it can be lit.
  • How to refill: The fill valve is located in the center of the black adjustment valve. Hold the lighter with the flame end down, perpendicular to the ground. Completely insert the nozzle of the Butane re-fill can into the fill valve and hold steady for 4-5 seconds. Repeat step 3. You have now successfully re-filled your lighter. (Depending on usage, you will get approximately 200 lights per filling.)
  • Limited three-year warranty: Social Light warrants the mechanism of its lighter to be free from mechanical defects under normal use according to its enclosed instructions. All Social Light lighters returned for warranty repair will be repaired free of charge or replaced at Social Light's discretion. Damage resulting from abuse or misuse is not covered by the warranty. The finish of the lighter is not warranted. A $12 shipping and handling fee applies to all repairs.