Embellish Your Story

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Tell a tale with Embellish your Story, an inventive line of magnetic home accents by Carol Roeda. Mix and match multiple magnetic boards, frames, wall words, and other home accents with magnetic embellishments to celebrate each season of life and make your decor uniquely your own.

Carol Roeda creates and dreams with her hands. She's an entrepreneur, artist, designer, inventor, a got-an-idea-in-the-middle-of-the-night-maker. She loves fabrics and graphics, color and clay, mix and match metal. She has a passion for selling her wares to customers who use her art to embellish their story and capture the joys of family, friends, and tradition. "I like that my art can be changed to express the joy of every celebration, every holiday, every season and every story."
Question: Where can find magnetic designs for garage doors?
Answer: The Embellish Your Story magnets would likely work fine for garage doors, however, most of them are not very big, so visibility at a distance may be a drawback from using this line. Just performing a quick Google search for "garage door magnets decor" turned up several results of stores that do sell magnetic decor for garages, but it really just depends on how big you want your magnetic theme to be.

Question: I have just order several items from you. They arrived today. Thank you! I am looking for the Birdhouse, Flower & Pumpkin Magnet #100814 - NiP. Do you have this? Thank you.
Answer: We are so glad you are enjoying your Embellish Your Story items! We are sad to say that the Birdhouse, Flower, and Pumpkin Magnets - Set of 3 has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and we no longer have any left in stock.

Question: I need another metal cable for hanging Christmas cards. Also magnets How can I order those?
Answer: There are a few Embellish Your Story and Roeda Originals items that may be what you are looking for in the way of metal cables and magnets. You can find replacement magnets in various sizes at the bottom of the "Magnets by Roeda" page here: http://www.thelampstand.com/roeda-originals-magnets-sets.html For cables, we have plain 60" cables as well as holiday decorative photo cables for your consideration: 1) Cable 60" (Item #: ROEDA-11340V) - http://www.thelampstand.com/roeda-originals-magnets-cable.html 2) Snowman Photo Cable (Item #: ddemb-E00200) - http://www.thelampstand.com/embellish-your-story-snowmanphotocable.html 3) Santa Photo Cable (Item #: ddemb-E00203) - http://www.thelampstand.com/embellish-your-story-santaphotocable.html

Question: do you have the magnetic wall hanger strip
Answer: From your description it sounds like you are referring to the Metal Hanger (Item #: DDEMB-13997), which can be found on our site here: http://www.thelampstand.com/embellish-your-story-metalhanger.html

Question: I am trying to help a friend who does not have a computer - she purchased one of your magnets when she visited The COVE and was wondering if you have one saying "IT WAS MEANT TO BE". If not, do you know where she can find one?
Answer: We are not the manufacturers of the Embellish Your Story Line, just a retailer ourselves. At this time we do not have a magnet that reads "It Was Meant To Be". However, the creator of this line, Carol Roeda, has her own website with many more items available than we stock. It does not look like she has this magnet listed, but you might be able to email their customer service department to see if they have this item still available, even though it isn't listed. You can reach them at http://www.carolroedastudio.com/