Crossroads Candles

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Crossroads Jar Candles are crafted from a blend of paraffin wax, premium fragrance and color, and feature a unique double-wick design. Each candle is hand wicked and poured in Ohio, and all materials are made in the USA. Buttered Maple Syrup has been Crossroads best-selling fragrance from the very beginning and continues to be their signature scent and a favorite of our customers. br>
Question: Im interested in crossroads 16 oz. candles, buttered maple syrup, carmel latte, french feast
Answer: At this time we only carry the 26oz Jar Candles and 6oz Crumbles by Crossroads Candles. We do have the Buttered Maple Syrup and Caramel Latte available in the 26oz size, which are discounted right now!

Question: what are my prices, I signed up as a business
Answer: We are not the manufacturer of Crossroads Candles, just a retailer ourselves, therefore we cannot offer wholesale prices for them. We do have all Crossroads Candles on sale at this time. However, if you are interested in selling them in your own business, you should probably contact Crossroads Candles directly.

Question: I have one of your 3 wick candles that is a crossroads and it is much bigger than the 26 oz. i love it. Do you have the huge ones i am wanting?
Answer: We only carry the Crossroads Candles 26oz Jars and the Crossroads Crumbles wax melts. Perhaps it is the 64oz or 96oz Crossroads Candles you are looking for. You can find those direct from Crossroads at

Question: I have a Christmas Crossroads candle in allspice scent , is this scent still available ? Love the scent
Answer: We have not stocked the Crossroads Candles Allspice scent, and after check with Crossroads website, it appears that it is not available at this time. However, there are a couple of Crossroads scents that are similar to Allspice that you might consider trying: 1) Cinnamon Sticks 26 oz. Crossroads Candle - 2) Farmhouse 26 oz. Crossroads Candle - 3) Harvest Spice 26 oz. Crossroads Candle -

Question: I recently came across your Strawberry scent candle. Does this come in a Defusser also?
Answer: We currently do not carry diffusers by Crossroads Candles. We checked the manufacturer's website and they do not make a diffuser in strawberry at this time. We do have many diffusers that can be found at this link: One specific fragrance you might enjoy is First Crush by Woodwick which combines the fragrances of fresh strawberry and currant. This item can be found at the following link: