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Versatile and functional, yet fashionable and fun, cinda b handbags and totes are ideal for today's active lifestyle. With plenty of fun and unique features, there's a cinda b for whatever your day has in store!
Question: do you have back packs purses? I have one of yours purchased two years ago.
Answer: Cinda B has, in the last several months, discontinued the backpacks. However, we do still have a couple left in the CLOSEOUT - Ravina Ivory Junior Backpack if you are interested:

Question: How do I get the cardboard out of my mini hobo?
Answer: The cardboard in the bottom of the Cinda B Mini Hobo handbags are easy to remove to be able to run them through a washing machine. Simply turn the bag inside out, even if it is just one end the bag, and slide the cardboard out of the covered slot in the bottom of the bag. Once your bag has been washed and is completely dry, repeat the process of turning the bag inside out and slide the cardboard back under the slot.

Question: Do you have anything in yellow by Cindab?
Answer: Cinda B does not currently have any handbags, totes, or accessories in a yellow pattern at this time.