WoodWick Candles

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WoodWick Candles offer an exceptional combination of wonderful scents with a unique crackling wood wick. At The Lamp Stand, we offer some of the best prices available for this hot candle line from Virginia Gift Brands. Available in a variety of sizes and scents, as well as reed diffusers & refills along with many more exciting products.
Question: is golden teak discontinued?
Answer: Unfortunately WoodWick Candles has discontinued the Wood Essence Collection, which includes the Golden Teak fragrance. Some similar WoodWick Candle fragrances you might consider are: White Willow Moss WoodWick Gallerie Collection Candle (http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-gallerie-collection-white-willow-moss.html) Fireside WoodWick Candle 10 oz. (http://www.thelampstand.com/fi11ozwowica.html)

Question: Why is the Caramel retired...it was the best. I tried the sea salt caramel and it isn't even close to the caramel...I am so disappointed.
Answer: We were surprised as well that WoodWick Candles discontinued the popular Caramel fragrance! Although, the new Sea Salt Caramel is similar to the original Caramel, it isn't identical. As we are just a retailer ourselves, we sadly don't have a say in what fragrances they keep and what ones they decide to retire. However, WoodWick Candles has been known to bring back retired scents when they receive a lot of feedback from their faithful customers. This happened with Rum Raisin a couple of years ago when they retired it - it returned about a year later, better than ever! You can reach the makers of WoodWick Candles at (800)827-2231 - please let them know your opinion! They really do listen to customer feedback!

Question: Hi, I am looking for WoodWick candles in the Golden Chestnut scent, can you help? It fills my whole home with the most beautiful fragrance without being overbearing.
Answer: Golden Chestnut was a seasonal fragrance by WoodWick Candles a couple of years ago, and sadly they discontinued that scent and we no longer have any remaining stock of it. Although not identical to the Golden Chestnut fragrance, there are a few lovely fall/holiday WoodWick scents that you might consider: Harvest Party WoodWick Candle 22 oz - http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-large-harvestparty.html Spiced Eggnog WoodWick Candle 22 oz - http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-large-spicedeggnog.html Cinnamon Cheer WoodWick Candle 22 oz - http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-large-cinnamoncheer.html

Question: Do you still carry the Redwood fragrance?
Answer: We sure do! The Redwood WoodWick Candle 22 oz. can be found on our website here: http://www.thelampstand.com/22ozrewowica.html. Other Redwood scented items by WoodWick Candles can be found through our keyword search, linked here: http://www.thelampstand.com/nsearch.html?catalog=yhst-94666432756749&query=redwood+woodwick&x=-715&y=-62

Question: I want to order delicate blossom diffusers
Answer: The WoodWick Delicate Blossoms Reed Diffuser was a limited edition item that was only available through Hallmark and similar gift shops. Unfortunately, we did not stock this item, and it does not appear as though it is even still produced by WoodWick. There are a few WoodWick scents that are similar to Delicate Blossoms that you might consider trying: 1) At The Beach WoodWick 2 oz. Reed Diffuser - http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-reed-diffuser-small-2-at-the-beach.html 2) Tradewinds WoodWick 2 oz Reed Diffuser - http://www.thelampstand.com/wood-wick-reed-diffuser-tradewinds-2.html 3) Gold Spun Sugar WoodWick 2 oz. Reed Diffuser - http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-reed-diffuser-smallgoldspunsugar.html

Question: is candied pecan discontinued?
Answer: Yes, unfortunately WoodWick Candles discontinued the Candied Pecan fragrance many months ago, and we no longer have any remaining inventory. The Apple Crisp fragrance and Sea Salt Caramel fragrance are lovely alternatives, however. You can find each of those here: 1) Apple Crisp WoodWick Candle 22 oz. - http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-large-22-apple-crisp.html 2) Sea Salt Caramel WoodWick Candle 22 oz. - http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-large-seasaltcaramel.html

Question: looking for a sequoia scent candle.
Answer: The Sequoia scent was a WoodWick Green fragrance that was unfortunately discontinued a few years ago with the entire WoodWick Green Collection. The closest scent within the WoodWick line now would be Redwood or Frasier Fir. You can find each of these scents in the 22oz size candle here: Redwood WoodWick Candle 22 oz. - http://www.thelampstand.com/22ozrewowica.html Frasier Fir WoodWick Candle 22oz - http://www.thelampstand.com/wood-wick-candle-frasier-fir-22.html

Question: Do all of the WoodWick candles crackle when burning? I received my first WoodWick candle this Christmas, and just love it.
Answer: Yes, actually that is the key thing that makes WoodWick candles a favorite in the candle world. In fact, WoodWick's motto is "Crackles As It Burns". Since the candle wick is wooden and not the typical cotton, this is what creates the unique crackling sound. Some wicks will crackle louder than others - this isn't a flaw by any means - it just means that each and every candle will sound slightly different. We are so pleased that you are enjoying your very first WoodWick Candle! Sit back and relax as you savor the wonderful fragrance and soothing crackle!

Question: lookin for woodwick fragance tack room
Answer: WoodWick Candles does not currently have a fragrance called "Tack Room". A few years ago they had a Soft Leather fragrance, but it has since been discontinued and we no longer have any remaining inventory. However, Swan Creek Candle has a candle that might be like what you are looking for: Leather 24oz Homespun Jar Candle - http://www.thelampstand.com/swan-creek-candle-company-candles-homespun-jar-24oz-leather.html

Question: looking for Lavendar scents
Answer: WoodWick Candles discontinued the classic Lavender scent several months ago, however they released a new and revised scent called Lavender Spa, which is just a better spin on their old version. It is available in many different forms, from candles to reed diffusers and car scents. You can find the Lavender Spa WoodWick Candle 22 oz. here: http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-large-lavenderspa.html

Question: do you have mtn birch & where could i find it in boise,id
Answer: Mountain Birch was a Wood Essence scent by WoodWick Candles which has been discontinued by the manufacturer along with that entire collection. Unfortunately we no longer have any remaining inventory of that scent. However, WoodWick does have a couple of fragrances that are very similar to Mountain Birch that you might consider giving a try - Sterling Embers, as well the classic Fireside scents. You can find them each here: 1) Sterling Embers WoodWick Gallerie Collection Candle - http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-gallerie-collection-sterling-embers.html 2) Fireside WoodWick Candle 22oz. - http://www.thelampstand.com/22ozfiwowica.html

Question: do you have the fragrance, cashmere?
Answer: WoodWick Candles discontinued the original Cashmere scent a few years ago, and we no longer have any remaining inventory of this fragrance. We have limited quantities of the Soft Cashmere scent, but it has also been discontinued by WoodWick. You can find it here: http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-large-22-soft-cashmere.html However, WoodWick does have a couple of new scents that are very similar to Cashmere that you might consider giving a try: 1) Pure Comfort WoodWick Candle 22 oz. - http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-large-purecomfort.html 2) Baby Powder WoodWick Candle 22 oz. - http://www.thelampstand.com/woodwick-candle-large-babypowder.html