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Catstudio - The Original Geography Collection

Once upon a time, C(armel) A(nd) T(errell) Swan - the "cat" of catstudio - fell in love and discovered that they shared a love for world culture, a thirst for travel, and a deep appreciation for art, design, and craftsmanship. They decided to put their shared interests together and design a timeless ode to geography and craftsmanship - the catstudio Geography Collection!

Each Geography Collection towel has beautiful artwork representing the geographic location printed on absorbent 100% hand-loomed cotton, circled with a touch of hand embroidery, brightened with 3 woven stripes down each side, and decorated with a hand-dyed rick-rack border. Each piece is signed by the embroiderer (on care label), and makes a delightful piece of artwork for your kitchen or bathroom. These retro towels are versatile, and can be used as dish towels, bar towels, or bathroom hand towels. As a bonus, each towel comes packaged in a giftable organdy pouch with an enclosed info card delivering fun facts about the location represented.