Cashmere Sophia's Fragrance Oil 16 oz. 2-Pack

Item #: SO-175-2PK

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Fragrances Cashmere Oil | Refill for Effusion Lamp | Fragrance Oil Purifying and Diffusing Scent for Your Home | 16 Fluid Ounces of Catalytic Scented Oil Made in USA

SCENT DESCRIPTION: Silky smooth baby powder

This pack comes with two 16oz bottles of fragrance oil. Sophia's Fragrance Lamp Oils are a great way to enhance your home or office atmosphere. Sophia's Fragrance Lamp Oil is for use in any catalytic fragrance lamp, also known as an Effusion Lamp. Select from a wide variety of over 50 fragrances! Use Sophia's fragrance oils in any fragrance lamp! Sophia ’s Fragrance Oils are made in the USA using our cherished family recipes and high quality synthetic essential oils.

Directions: Fill your fragrance lamp approximately ½ full of Sophia ’s Fragrance Lamp Oil. Insert your catalytic burner and wick securely into your fragrance lamp. Let the wick soak up the alcohol-based fragrance oil for at least 20 minutes. Light the stone and let the flame burn for 2 minutes. Bow out the flame and place the decorative crown on top of the stone. The average home will fill with fragrance in 20-30 minutes. When finished just carefully remove the decorative crown and place the snuff cap over the stone. Be careful, the stone will be hot!

Tip: when switching fragrances, we recommend emptying your fragrance lamp and refilling with Sophia ’s Neutral Fragrance Oil. Burning the neutral oil for 20 minutes will empty any remaining fragrances from your cotton wick and ensure the best experience while burning your new fragrance.