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At The Lamp Stand, you will find a huge selection of all your favorite candle and home fragrance brands at deep discount prices. In addition to candles, we also offer many other home fragrance options, including reed diffusers, wax melters, oil warmers, electric fragrance products, and more!

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Question: does diffuser oil come in autumn woods
Answer: The specialty seasonal Autumn Woods fragrance by WoodWick Candles is not available in a diffuser oil, unfortunately. However, there are a few seasonal scents that are similar that you might want to try: 1. Autumn Picnic WoodWick Escape Crystal Reed Diffuser ( 2. Harvest Party WoodWick 2 oz. Reed Diffuser ( 3. Spiced Citrus WoodWick 2 oz Reed Diffuser (

Question: I purchase a diffuser for my car and it is round and dark green. I did not think to look at what the fragrance was but I want to buy some more of them. It is kind of a manly smell if that helps. If you can let me know the fragrance I would be thankful.
Answer: From your description, it sounds like you have the Woodland Solitude WoodWick Escape Car Vent Clip, however that fragrance is now discontinued from the manufacturer. There are some scents that are extremely similar, that you might give a try: 1. Frasier Fir WoodWick Car Vent Freshener - 2. Fireside WoodWick Car Vent Freshener - 3. Redwood WoodWick Car Vent Freshener - 4. Tabac WoodWick Car Vent Freshener - You can find the entire listing of the totally redesigned WoodWick Car fresheners here:

Question: What is the best smelling and long lasting candle you have?
Answer: There actually is not a "right" answer to this question. Everyone's preferences and sense of smell are so very different that pinning down the best candle fragrance is difficult. However, naming some of the longer-lasting candles is an easy process. The most popular brand that we offer is WoodWick Candles, famous for the wooden wick that crackles when it burns. The top scent in that brand is Fireside. Swan Creek Candles is our next best selling brand, made from 100% American Soy Bean Wax, and their top fragrance is Roasted Espresso (it flies off the shelves)! Candleberry Candles is a new line to us, and people are going crazy over these amazing scents! Just leaving the lid off the jar candle without even burning it can make a room smell amazing! Candleberry's top scent is the Hot Maple Toddy. If you prefer a more perfume-like candle, then Tyler Candle is a wonderful option - their #1 best-seller is called High Maintenance. Hopefully this helps in your search for your new favorite candle! 1) Fireside WoodWick Candle 22oz. - 2) Swan Creek Roasted Espresso 24oz Kitchen Pantry Jar Candle - 3) Candleberry Hot Maple Toddy 26oz Large Jar - 4) High Maintenance 22 oz Tyler Candle -

Question: I would like to buy the Apple Cider from Bean Pods was told you might carry this I am wanting the beads
Answer: We do carry an extensive offering of Beanpod Candles, however we do not have the Apple Cider Soy Beads in stock, just the 16oz and 25oz jars. You can find all of our Beanpod Candle offerings here:

Question: Do you have candles with hidden coins in them?
Answer: Unfortunately, no we do not currently offer candles that contain hidden money inside.

Question: why did you discontinue woodstock revival
Answer: We were surprised when WoodWick Candles stopped making Woodstock Revival as well, as it was such a popular scent. We are not the makers of this amazing candle line, however, we would recommend that you contact Virginia Candle Company (the maker of WoodWick and RibbonWick) and give them your feedback about the discontinuation of your favorite candle. They have been known to bring back retired scents with enough customer feedback. You can reach them at

Question: do you carry sachets
Answer: We do carry sachets! WoodWick Candles offers a nice selection of their more popular scents in a sachet which can be found here:

Question: do you have glamorous holiday candle in stock? Love this fragrance! Would use it year round
Answer: We do not carry the Tyler Glamorous Holiday Candle, unfortunately. However, if you Google "Glamorous Holiday Candle" many retailers appear in the search results that do stock this scent.

Question: do you have any candle or diffuser that smells like woodburning?
Answer: Absolutely! The most popular "woodburning" scent would be the WoodWick Candle Fireside fragrance which is available in many different styles for your convenience. Here's a few of our favorites: 1) Fireside WoodWick Candle 22oz. - 2) Fireside WoodWick Spill-Proof Home Fragrance Diffuser - 3) Fireside WoodWick 7.4 oz. Reed Diffuser REFILL - 4) Fireside WoodWick Wax Melt - 5) Fireside WoodWick Home VentClip -