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The Candleberry Company prides itself upon making what they consider to be the finest candle on the market. The production process is fine-tuned to create candles that burn cleanly and are heavily scented from first light to the end of the burn.

The fragrances are inspired by the family traditions and memories that we all hold dear. From special recipes, scents that filled our homes during the holidays, reflections, emotions, and so much more.

Each Candleberry candle represents a long process of experimentation, trial and error, and testing. If a scent is not clean enough, rich enough, strong enough, or sweet enough, it simply isn't ready. There are no "average" candles in the Candleberry collection because there are no "average" memories that move our hearts.
Question: are these 2 wick candles
Answer: The extremely fragrant Candleberry Candles are single wick candles.

Question: do you have smaller candleberry candles
Answer: At this time we only carry the large Candleberry Jar Candles and the Power Pods.

Question: How do the power-pods work? I guess I'm asking what do you do with them?
Answer: The Power Pods by Candleberry Candles work the same way as a typical wax melt like Scentsy or even the many brands we sell on our site (Swan Creek Drizzle Melts, WoodWick Wax Melts, etc.). The only difference with the Power Pods being that they are highly scented (more so than usual wax melts) and only available in Candleberry's top scents. Simply place them in the warming plate of your wax melter and enjoy!

Question: Do you still carry coffee bean and cinammon bun candles?
Answer: We currently offer the Fried Cinnamon Buns 26oz Large Jar by Candleberry Candles. It can be found on our website here: I checked with Candleberry Candle Company directly, and they do not appear to offer a Coffee or Coffee Bean candle at this time.

Question: Do you still have Tennessee Whiskey scented candles?
Answer: Absolutely! You can find the Candleberry Tennessee Whiskey Candle here:

Question: Sometime ago I purchased a Hot Maple Toddy from somewhere. It was the 26 oz. size. I don't know where I got it. Are there any stores at present that carry your merchandise? Like maybe Cracker Barrel maybe?
Answer: We are not the makers of the Candleberry Candles, just a retailer ourselves for this fantastic candle line. For your convenience, we can ship anywhere within the continental United States. We are sold out of the Hot Maple Toddy 26oz Jar Candle at this time (12/18/13) though we are expecting a restocking order to arrive any time now. However, Candleberry Candle's website has a store locator to easily find shops in your area that stock this candle line. Here is the link:

Question: is there any place around okeechobee fl. i may buy some of these candles. we do have a hallmark store in town. my daughter gave me one for christmas she bought it in kentucky where she lives. thank you
Answer: We are not the manufacturers of Candleberry Candles, just a retailer ourselves. For convenience, we do ship to Florida, as well as the rest of the continental US. However, if you are wanting an actual storefront to visit you might check out the Store Locator feature on Candleberry's website:

Question: what is the price of the big candleberry candles?
Answer: The large 26oz Candleberry Jar Candles retail for $24.99, however we currently have them on sale. You can see all of the scents we have available in the Candleberry 26oz Large Jar here: Additionally, we offer a free shipping offer on all orders $65 or more!