Candle Warmer Plates

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Candle Warmer plates melt scented candles from the bottom up releasing the candle’s fragrance. The new larger hot plate design fits most or your favorite scented candles. Each style adds the perfect touch of warmth and elegance to any home decor.

Although electrical cords are not pictured, these warmers plug into a standard wall outlet.
Original Candle Warmer
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Auto Shut Off Candle Warmer
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Question: Do these candle warmers have an electric cord....if not how do they heat
Answer: Yes, all of the Candle Warmer products are powered by a standard electric cord, even though they are not pictured.

Question: will the 26 oz candleberry candles fit on the plate for the original candle warmer?
Answer: Yes, the Candleberry 26oz Jar Candles will fit on the Original Candle Warmer plate (Item #: CWARM-02).