Black Cherry Dri-Tec Reeds by Village Candles

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Black Cherry Dri-Tec Reeds by Village Candles

Bursting with fresh from the orchard goodness, this fragrance combines refreshingly succulent, juicy black cherries with smooth, sweet, rich vanilla cream. This strong fragrance will emanate the feeling of home from the first ray of candle light!

Village Candle's ultra intense Dri-Tec Reeds have been created with tightly wrapped paper that is infused with scent åÉ without additional chemicals or heat. The result is a pure fragrance infused into the reeds that releases gently into the air when placed in a holder and left in your room. A great way to deliver fragrance to your room without the use of flames, sprays, or liquids.
  • highly fragranced
  • liquid free
  • environmentally friendly
  • Control the intensity of fragrance by adding or removing reeds.
  • Use in any reed diffuser container or vase... or even mix into a bouquet of artificial flowers!
  • Holder not included