Bella Notte Care Instructions

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Bella Notte Care Instructions

General Instructions

Bella Notte products are machine washable and dryable. However, not all fabrics are compatible with all care products, so to assure the continued enjoyment of Bella Notte linens and apparel, Bella Notte recommends these care specifics:

Please read the care label attached to each item for best results
Separate linens from other items in the wash that might abrade the fabric
Separate light from dark colors as dark colors may bleed
Avoid overloading the machine to prevent excessive wear on the fabric
Place mild detergent in washer and fill with water before placing linens into machine
Wash and dry dark-colored items before using

Washing: To protect and extend the life of your more delicate Bella Notte linens, machine wash inside out. Avoid overloading the washing machine. Wash in cold water using a mild liquid detergent containing. NO phosphates or bleaching agents. Do not dry clean.

Drying: Machine dry on low heat. Do not over dry, which may cause certain fabrics to pill. Remove promptly and shake out to minimize wrinkling.

Special Considerations: Bella Notte products may be more sensitive to sunlight due to our environmentally low impact garment dye process. Avoid extended periods of direct sunlight.

Chemicals: Certain skin products can cause discoloration when encountering our products; many of these contain peroxide.
Ironing: Press apparel with steam iron to maintain fit, with the exception of Silk Velvet. Pressing bedding can increase dimensions in certain fabrics.
Stain removers: Generally not recommended. However, Soilove stain remover has been used successfully.

Specific Fabric/Product Recommendations:

Deluxe Marie: Deluxe Marie is a beautiful, unique fabric woven from cotton and silk. The silk that gives Deluxe Marie its irresistible softness and luster can be affected by repeated abrasion from rough surfaces, resulting in a slightly raised texture on the fabric. Laundering your Deluxe Marie by itself may help minimize the possibility of this occurring.

Lily Lace and Olivia: Machine wash cold, delicate cycle in mesh garment bag. Tumble dry on, NO HEAT setting, remove promptly.

Satin: Follow care instructions for Deluxe Marie (above). Be careful not to over dry. Wash inside out when possible.

Velvet: Fold creases can be removed with a wash and dry process.

Linen Whisper: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble-dry low, remove promptly. We recommend styles consisting of all Linen Whisper (bed, scarf, dust ruffles, panels, apparel) are washed in a mesh garment bag and other items (duvets, sham, etc.) are washed inside out.

Fabric yardage: Before using your Bella Notte yardage, be sure to test for color fastness. Wash in cold water with a cold water rinse.

Baby bumper: Remove insert prior to machine wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low heat, remove promptly.