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In the Bargain Basement you'll find some of our best deals on select items. Some items are product that we scored a great deal on and are able to offer at low low prices. Other items may be slow movers that we are trying to clear out. We also may have product with slight imperfections or damage listed (all damage will be fully disclosed). Whatever the reason, you can be sure that these items will be priced with deep, deep discounts.
Question: Do you have scents for smokers to help get rid of the odor?
Answer: We offer many fragrance options for customers desiring to rid their homes of unwanted odors, such as smoke and pet odors. Fragrance Lamps are an affordable and pleasant way to achieve a fresh-smelling home or office space. Fragrance Lamps, often called catalytic or effusion lamps, were invented to purify the air in hospitals in the 1800s, and have since grown to be a popular and decorative way to deodorize homes. Our Fragrance Lamp offerings are extensive, and you can find a full listing here: Fragrance Lamps "burn" a special oil or fuel which is made up of essential oils and alcohol, which aide in the elimination of odors in the air. With hundreds of scent options to choose from, you'll never have to burn the same fragrance twice, unless you want to! You can find all of our best-selling fragrances from many of the top brands here:

Question: Do you have scented or scentable beads?
Answer: I believe there are a number of types of scented beads out on the market. We do not carry the type that are meant to function like Potpourri. We do however carry scented wax beads in our Beanpod Brand of candles. The product is called Soy Beads and are meant to burn in small melter pots. I have included a link to this item below.

Question: Do you have any of the swan creek candles on sale?
Answer: The Swan Creek Candles we offer are always on sale! Check out our selection here:

Question: Would there be sales tax. I am interested in purchasing 10 Capri blue volcano candles. Also would there shipping on this order
Answer: If you live outside of the state of Missouri, you will not be charged sales tax. If your order of Capri Blue Volcano Candles is $65 or more, you would qualify to receive FREE Super Saver Shipping!

Question: I miss the scent "cedar chest". Will it ever come back? :( Is there any still around that i could buy?
Answer: After a search of our catalog archive, we could not find a Cedar Chest fragrance in our database. Perhaps knowing what company produced this fragrance would aid in our search. In the meantime, maybe you would like to try these scents that might be similar: Cedarwood 30oz Woodland Natural Wick Candle ( Japanese Cedarwood 22 oz. Queen Bee Root Candle (

Question: I am interested in buying the Liquids that are used with the Reed Diffusers. How do I identify them as I see the term 'Oil' used in frequently? Is THAT the liquid I am looking for. I do have one of your Containers from years past complete with the Reed Diffusers.
Answer: You will want to shop our Fragrance Diffusers and Refill section: At this time we have a couple of brands that produce these types of oils. The most frequently shopped brands are the WoodWick Reed Diffuser Refills ( and the Scentimental Scents Reed Diffuser Refills ( Each of those brands come with a free set of reeds as well!

Question: are the oil candles, Lampe berger's oil candles?
Answer: Lampe Berger does not produce candles. The candles that are featured in the Bargain Basement at this time are: WoodWick Geometric Collection Candles Root Candles WoodWick Escape Collection Kringle Candles RibbonWick Candles WoodWick Lux Glass Candles Tyler Candles Village Candle Radiance Collection Please keep in mind that these candles have limited quantities and are only available in select scents, as they are all Closeout items.

Question: Will you receive another shipment of shoe pourri?
Answer: We restock Poo-pourri products frequently, so keep checking back! We do have the Shoe Pourri Pocket Size Spray by Poo-Pourri currently in stock, if you are interested:

Question: I want to buy a Woodwick Mountain Birch candle, but there is no way to add it to the shopping cart. When I search for it, it doesn't come up.
Answer: Unfortunately the Mountain Birch Wood Essence Candle by WoodWick has been discontinued. We have sold out of this item and we can not order any more from WoodWick. If you would like to see if WoodWick has any left in stock that they are not selling to their retailers, you can contact them directly at 1-800-827-2231.

Question: Do you have any wicks on sale?
Answer: We always have wicks on sale at The Lamp Stand! There aren't any closeout wicks at this time, but several of the wicks we regularly stock are always listed at a discount. You can see a listing of all the wicks we offer for fragrance lamps here:

Question: Does the free shipping include Canada?
Answer: Unfortunately, we only ship to the continental United States. We do apologize for this inconvenience.

Question: Do you sell reed difuser refills?
Answer: Yes, we sell several brands of reed diffuser refills, including, WoodWick 7.4 oz. Reed Diffuser Refills, Scentimental Scents Reed Diffuser Oils, and 4oz Diffuser Fragrance by Root. All of our Reed Diffuser products can be found on our website here:

Question: Do you have any Holiday scented Village Candles
Answer: Yes, we do have a few Village Candle holiday scents in stock: 1) Christmas Cookie Premium Round by Village Candles - 2) Gingerbread Cookie Premium Round by Village Candles - 3) Happy Holidays Premium Round by Village Candles - 4) Holiday Wreath Premium Round by Village Candles -

Question: Looking for more grab bags, 32 oz
Answer: Although they are not currently available, we do offer those at various times throughout the year. The best way to be notified of these special events is to subscribe to our e-newsletter. You can sign up at the bottom of any page of our website.