Alexandria's Fragrance Lamps & Oils

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Alexandria's Fragrance Lamps ~ Art for the Senses

These hand crafted art glass, porcelain and ceramic lamps ranging from contemporary to traditional lamps combine a 100 year old concept of air purification with the pleasures of rich fragrances.

Fragrance lamps, or effusion lamps (sometimes called Catalytic Lamps), are one of the most effective and beautiful ways to fragrance a home quickly and efficiently. Fragrance Lamps burn a combination of Fragrance Oils and Alcohol through a small stone catalytic burner that will fill an average home with fragrance in less than one hour. These lamps are 10x more effective than an average candle. In addition, a Fragrance Lamp purifies the air as it burns, killing bacteria.

Every Alexandria's lamp comes complete with a beautiful decorative jar, a stone wick, a snuff cap and decorative cap, a small funnel and a FREE bottle of Fragrance Lamp Oil.