Fragrance Lamp Accessories

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Looking for replacement parts, extended-life wicks, decorative crowns, or other accessories for your catalytic or effusion fragrance lamp? The Lamp Stand is a leading online dealer of fragrance lamp and oil brands and has a large selection of accessories to help keep your lamps burning efficiently for years to come.

Replacement and Extended-Life Wicks

At The Lamp Stand, we offer a variety of high quality replacement wicks that are useable in catalytic fragrance lamps or effusion lamps.
Decorative Crowns

Decorative crowns serve an important purpose in your fragrance lamp operation, while adding beauty and style to your lamp.
Snuff Caps
An important element in any fragrance lamp, snuff caps cover over the wick to allow the oil to soak into the wick before lighting it.
Plastic Funnel
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Lose your fragrance lamp funnel? This plastic funnel will assist in pouring lamp oil into your lamp with less spills and less mess.
Answer: We do not stock any electric oil lamp burners at this time. However, we do have a couple of electric fragrance options, though they are not consider "lamps", that you might consider: AromaLume Fragrance Generators by La Tee Da look very much like a cylinder lantern-like appliance in which a small bottle of fragrance elixir is seated in the center and a special wick is inserted into the bottle. Upon plugging in the AromaLume and turning on the switch a cool emission of fragrance is released into the air while a little LED light lights up behind the globe. There are many different styles of AromaLume Generators to choose from, as well as fragrance options! La Tee Da Potion Warmers are another electric fragrance option that uses a special water-based fragrance called Potion which heats up in the little saucer seated atop the warmer. There are 6 different color options that would fit most home decor themes, as well as a nice array of fragrance choices!

Question: I have a very very small lamp that the wick needs replacing...The ones I get are too big. I bought the lamp from you. Please advise.
Answer: From your description it sounds like you have a Mini Fragrance Lamp. If the standard wicks you have been getting are too large, you should probably try the Mini Replacement Wicks, which can be found here: There is also a Mini Extended Life Wick available, which provides about double the life of the standard Mini Wick. You can find that option here:

Question: can i use Catalytic lamp fragrance in my oil lamp with wick? says to use only with catalytic lamps ??????
Answer: If your lamp is like any of the fragrance lamps featured on our site, also known as catalytic or effusion lamps, then catalytic fragrance lamp oil would work in your lamp. Here's some examples of a fragrance/catalytic lamp: And these are the oils we offer on our site that can be used in these fragrance lamps: