Waxing Poetic

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Waxing Poetic's personal, imaginative jewelry designs are crafted of sterling silver and mixed metals, and also in a variety of antique inspired fabrications. Discover new ways to tell and share your own stories through these modern-traditional designs that will remain your classics for years to come.

Charms & Pendants - Waxing Poetic
Highly portable, deeply loved.
Chains - Waxing Poetic
We love links. Metaphorical and otherwise, but particularly the wearable variety.
Necklaces - Waxing Poetic
Linked to a larger narrative, or perhaps beginning something else.
Bracelets - Waxing Poetic
Held close to a wrist with meaning held closer
Rings - Waxing Poetic
Discover a multitude of options to adorn your hand
Earrings - Waxing Poetic
A way (perhaps) to woo by small moves
Inspirational Jewelry - Waxing Poetic
Let Waxing Poetic inspire you, everyday!
Men's Jewelry - Waxing Poetic
Adjectives, like jewelry, are fun to bestow on deserving fellows, don't you think?
Accessories - Waxing Poetic
Beautiful things that match the words "Wonderful" and "Wearable"