Fragrance Diffusers And Refills

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Fragrance Diffusers, Reed Diffusers and Reed Diffuser Oils are one of the hottest home fragrance trends in the market today. At The Lamp Stand, we offer a huge selection of brand name high quality Reed Diffuser Kits and Reed Diffuser Oils. Shop our wide selection of discounted items with confidence knowing that each product line is carefully selected and priced to give you the best product at the lowest prices.
Isabella Reed Diffusers
Isabella Reed Diffuser are spectacularly designed to accent any home decor! Made of mouth blown, molded or mosaic glass.
Scentimental Scents Reed Diffuser Oil
Scentimental Scents Reed Diffuser Oil Refills offer an exceptional quality diffuser oil at an outstanding price. We offer a large variety of scents that are sure to please.
Aromalume By La Tee Da
The AromaLume Fragrance Generators provide pure scent essence without heat or flame.
Potion Warmers By La Tee Da
Ceramic light bulb warmers and water-based fragrance potion
Ooh La Lamp by La Tee Da
Ooh La Lamps are the perfect accent for every room, and they're a stronger, safer, and easier way to deliver fragrance. There is no flame involved, the highly fragranced Aroma Crystals do not melt, and there' s no messy cleanup!
WoodWick Fragrance Diffusers
Looking for the exceptional scents of the WoodWick candles without a flame. Look no further that the WoodWick Reed Diffusers. These diffusers offer wonderful scents in beautifully designed packaging.
Root Diffusers & Refills
Mix and match historic vessel designs, and sophisticated fragrances for a customized diffuser system that complements your personal style.
Root Tassels
Root's fragranced tassels are easy to use, can't spill, and they release the ideal amount of fragrance into the air for up to three full months.
Root Fragranced Tassel Refills
Four sachet fragrance replacements can be purchased separately, allowing you to keep the same tassel but change out the scents for your personal style.
Tyler Candle Reed Diffusers
These exceptional reed diffuser kits from Tyler Candle Company feature a large molded glass diffuser, high quality reeds, a bottle of Tyler Reed Diffuser Oil all in a luxurious stylish box.
Tyler Candle Reed Diffusers Refills
Now you can have your favorite Tyler fragrance around all the time!
All-Natural Reeds - Set of 10
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All reed diffusers at The Lamp Stand come with a free set of straight natural reeds.

This set of 10 natural colored 12" reeds will work with any reed diffuser oil. All Reed Diffuser oils that we sell at The Lamp Stand come with a free set of these reeds. Glass bottle not included.
Curly Reeds - Set of 5
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All reed diffusers at The Lamp Stand come with a free set of straight natural reeds. If you are looking for a fun change, this set of 5 natural colored 18" reeds can be purchased seperately! Will work with any reed diffuser oil. The reeds are straight for approximately 10.5", and then curl at the top. Glass bottle not included.
Black Reeds
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All reed diffusers at The Lamp Stand come with a free set of straight natural reeds. If you are looking for a fun change, this set of 10 black colored 12" reeds can be purchased separately! Will work with any reed diffuser oil. glass bottle not included
Question: Do you carry teakwood and citrus oil
Answer: Unfortuantely, we do not carry any Teakwood and Citrus Reed Diffuser Oils at this time. We appreciate your question and will keep that fragrance in mind as we add to our product offering in the future. We do carry a number of scents in our Scentimental Scents Reed Diffuser Oils that contain citrus fragrances. A few examples of these are Caribbean, Lemon, and Orange Dreamsicle. All of these can be found on the following page of our website.

Question: I ordered just the wax and wicks from you before for the swan candles. It was warm cinammon bun. Do you still sell it?
Answer: We are just a retailer for Swan Creek Candles, and we only offer a selection of their items. At this time we do not offer the refillable wax and wick sets. You can try contacting Swan Creek directly to see if they still offer this item for purchase. You can contact them at 888-272-2773.

Question: Do you still have the tuberose fragrance in either candles or the reeds? Thank you
Answer: WoodWick Candles discontinued their Tuberose fragrance a few years ago, and we no longer have any stock of that in candles or reed diffusers. The only item that we currently sell that includes a tuberose scent is the No. 38 Mandarin Tuberose Signature Candle by Capri Blue (

Question: Do u carry the ocean marine scent diffusers?
Answer: We do not have a particular fragrance called "Ocean Marine", however we do offer a few diffuser scents that may be similar to what you are looking for: Tropical Oasis WoodWick Escape Crystal Reed Diffuser - Sand & Driftwood WoodWick 2 oz. Reed Diffuser - Paradise Blue WoodWick 2 oz. Reed Diffuser - At The Beach WoodWick 2 oz. Reed Diffuser - Tradewinds WoodWick 2 oz Reed Diffuser -