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Kameleon Jewelry
Trendy interchangeable jewelry!
Lenny & Eva
Purveyors of Salvaged Sentiments
Spartina 449
Fine Linen & Leather Accessories.

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Firefly Jewelry
Mosaic style Swarovski jewelry.
John Medeiros
Affordable and timeless.
Beaucoup Designs Jewelry
A Tapestry of Charms & Jewelry.
Ginger Snaps Jewelry
Interchangeable Snap Jewelry.
Chala Handbags
Stylish and Whimsical Accessories.
Espe Handbags
Colorful and Artistic Handbags
Viva Beads
Handmade Clay Beaded Jewelry
Hot Girls Pearls
Stay cool while still looking fabulous!
Fairy Fastener
Fasten your bracelets & necklaces like magic with Fairy Fastener!
Question: How long are the chains on the Marianna Guardian Angel necklaces?
Answer: The chain with the Mariana Guardian Angel pendants measure 19.75" long. These dimensions include a 4.25" extender built into the necklace, making it adjustable from 15.5".